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"I have struggled with weight and body image for most of my life, beginning in preadolescence. While genetics may play a role, it was my relationship with food at the root of the problem. Eat to remember. Eat to forget. Eat because I'm happy. Eat because I'm sad. The result was yo-yo dieting, attempting every workout regimen imaginable, weight fluctuation and becoming more and more self-critical as years passed."


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Andropause Therapy

Andropause, often referred to as male menopause is very different from what women go though. However, its impact can be just as significant. Andropause, just like menopause, is nature's signal that the aging process is now accelerating into overdrive. During Andropause, there is significantly less testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH) production. Testosterone is the male hormone that contributes to building muscle, enhancing strength, renewing competitive drive and your overall sexuality and zest for life.

By age 50, men can lose 25% to 50% of their testosterone. By 70, the average man has lost approximately 90% of the hormones they had when they are 25.

Anti-aging physicians can administer a treatment plan for men experiencing andropause symptoms, including Hormone Treatments and nutritional alterations. Since each patient's symptoms and bodies are different, no two andropause therapy treatments are alike. Andropausal treatments may include a combination of Supplements, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Nutraceuticals, Massage and many others. Our physicians will closely monitor your body's response to andropause therapy, ensuring that your treatment is right for your body.

Symptoms of Andropause

Like women, men also go through hormonal changes as they age. In their 20s and 30s, men start to lose testosterone production. Although the rate of loss is slight at 1% - 2% each year, the effects can be quite noticeable over time. This process is called andropause, or male menopause. Typical symptoms of andropause are loss of muscle, memory loss, lowered libido and higher rates of body fat, aches and pains, fractures and heart attacks.

Symptoms of menopause in women are well studied, but the male equivalent andropause is essentially ignored. Men suffer needlessly from testosterone deficiency either because the condition goes unrecognized or simply because men are timid about addressing and discussing a loss in their vitality. The reluctance to address andropause symptoms usually relates to the decline in sexual function and libido. Early symptoms of andropause can be as subtle as decreased energy levels, loss of muscle tone and a less frequent desire for sexual intercourse. Further andropause symptoms can include weight gain, pot or "beer bellies," mood swings and irritability, forgetfulness, enlarged male breasts and even ED or Erectile Dysfunction.

More information on Andropause Symptoms

When men think of diminished testosterone levels, they do not usually relate this to decreased enjoyment of life; however, men may notice a decline in their competitive drive or decreased enthusiasm for things previously enjoyed. Without it, muscle mass and strength fade. Even your libido and ability to have strong erections begins to fail. Your very health is at stake as you become more prone to cancers and heart attacks. Men may not like visiting doctors regularly but they will find there is a great deal that can be done to assist your efforts to slow down, stop and even reverse many of the negative effects of aging.

Tetosterone hormone deficiency in men can cause symptoms like decreased enjoyment in life, lack of libido, loss of erectile ability or erectile dysfunction, diminished muscle tone, weight gain, irritability, and sleep loss to name just a few symptoms. All these hormone imbalance symptoms are the result of a hormone deficiency state, not a normal aging process. Restoring the body's normal balance of hormones will go a long way toward making you feel like a stronger, more energized, healthier, and a happier man again.

Andropause Treatment

Today, more than at any other time, we have so many means to decrease, cease, and even turn back a lot of the negative effects of aging. With safe and effective hormone replacement therapy and bioidentical hormone replacement guided by a well trained anti-aging doctor, we can actually slow, stop and even reverse many of these negative effects of lost hormones. Andropause treatment is usually logical after being diagnosed by a physician practicing hormone replacement therapy. This type of treatment for andropause allows the body to receive the correct amount of hormones based on the bodies needs. So if a man is working out and needs more testosterone to function optimally, the body can receive it. Medical results usually are dramatic with a reversal of andropause symptoms and the male returning to the same vitality he had in his early 30's.

In men, testosterone is the hormone that increases sex drive and libido. Increased sex drive through proper hormonal balance usually results in more frequent initiating of sex, prolonged sexual enjoyment and overall greater enjoyment of the sexual experience. As in men, women also experience enhanced sex drive; studies in women have shown it may increase the intensity of the orgasm.

For many men, it is the loss of sexual desire that causes them to seek hormone replacement therapy. It is their reawakening of interest and desire in sex which is the most appreciated immediate benefit. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) usually eliminate symptoms of hormone imbalance in men through many different options available.

Prior to the in-office medical procedure physicians analyze men's hormone levels through blood tests.
Significant increases in the male body's muscle tone, lean muscle mass, and a rapid recovery from exercise occur as a result of achieving normal testorone hormone levels in males.

For male patients andropause therapy is a treatment plan specific to each patient's specific needs.

These years of your life should find you healthy, energetic, and full of wonder and fulfillment. Don't allow accelerated aging to steal from you your sex drive, your vigor, or your priceless health and longevity. Andropause is characterized by fluctuating hormone levels which cause symptoms of testosterone deficiency and excess accompanied by inadequate or absent hormone production. Some of these symptoms, however, can occur at any time in man's life and may not be indicative of Andropause.

From many physicians, it is assumed when we eradicate erectile dysfunction, an interest in sex, and weight gain, we have alleviated the andropause. All of these symptoms are frequently attributed to the normal aging process. While we cannot reverse the aging process, we can certainly optimize it by restoring the normal balance of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone in the menopausal woman.

All of these Hormone Imbalance symptoms are the result of a hormone deficiency state, not a normal aging process. Restoring your body to a normal balance of hormones will go a long way towards making you feel like a younger, healthier, happier man again.

Unfortunately, there is no way to stop andropause as it is the natural process in a man's life. The difference is what options you choose to do about it.

Natural hormone replacement will help overcome these changes in your body and make you feel like you did in your thirties.

Whether it is early obesity, andropause, pre-andropause weight gain, or adrenal fatigue, in many cases, HRT and BHRT, Stress Reduction, and a change in lifestyle and nutrition can be part of any solution.

Today, more than at any other time, we have so many means to decrease, cease, and even turn back a lot of the negative effects of aging.

These years of your life should find you healthy, energetic, and full of wonder and fulfillment. Don't allow accelerated aging to steal from you your sex drive, your vigor, or your priceless health and longevity.

Now, the most important question: How do I know if my hormone levels are deficient Please see our Anti-Aging questionnaire below for a good start. The following questionnaire can help to determine if your symptoms are more likely to be caused by Andropause than other disorders such as erectile dysfunction, depression, or other illnesses.

Are your experiencing symptoms of Andropause? Take our Anti-Aging Questionnaire and learn more.

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