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Migraine Headaches

Atlanta Migraine Headache Treatment

Migraine headache is primary headache which is seen in 12% of the population. This headache is natured to recur in an individual and varies from moderate to severe. Migraine is one sided, and is usually seen in youth. It gets aggravated by routine physical activity. It can be associated with light and sound and even smell sensitivity and many patients tend to get nauseated due to this. According to research we have nearly 30 million Americans suffer from migraine. Migraine is found about three times more in women than in men. Migraine can last for two to three hours to three to four days for different patients. .

Causes for Migraine:

There is no exact cause for migraine. There might be some genetic causes for migraine. Emotional stress is one of the important causes for migraine. Migraine gets highly affected in stressful situations, when certain chemicals are released in the brain which causes the "flight" or fight" response. There is a very famous saying that migraine is caused due to hurry, burry and curry. So, too much of stress due to various situations, emotional stress, or over excitement are main causes of migraine. There are certain food and beverages which trigger migraine. Coffee, chocolates, cheese, alcohol, etc, are responsible for triggering 30% of migraine. Changing weather conditions m excessive cold, extreme hot weather are causes for migraine, Menstrual periods, Tension, Missing meals, less sleep are also causes for migraine.

How is migraine treated?

There are mainly treatments available to treat migraine:

  1. Anti-nauseants
  2. Abortive medications are very effective for patients who are in the initial stages of migraine.
  3. Preventive medications are also available which will help in preventing this headache.

Migraine does not have a specific reason. It is all due to unhealthy life habits. So, bottom line is practice good health habits, avoid smoking drinking, night outs and think healthy. Healthy mind and body is the best way to keep away from migraine.

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