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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Atlanta ADHD Treatment

ADHD is a very common problem with inattentiveness, or over-activity. This is a disorder which is diagnosed in children. We can say about 3-5% of school going children are affected by this and is most commonly found in boys than in girls. But the exact cause for this is not yet found, Researcher have been giving different reasons and also drawn a conclusion that children suffering from ADHD have some difference in brain and its activities and are not common to the other children. Many times head ache, depression, lack of sleep is confused with ADHD. The children suffering with ADHD have at least some other developmental or behavioral problem associated with it.

Symptoms for this are hyperactivity, impulsive behavior and lack of attention.

The major signs and tests to identify the disease is to diagnose the very specific symptoms seen in these children. Children should be suffering with more than 6-7 symptoms of ADHD and should be before the age 7. The symptoms are seen or observed for more than 6 months.

Treatment for ADHD:

There are many treatments available and can be completely cured if the child is taken proper care.The best cure for ADHD is medication and behavioral treatment which should go hand in hand. It is very important that these patients are taken extra care and have to be loved and shown extra care and treatment. Psycho stimulants which is the most known stimulant for ADHD and this drug has a calming effect and is very effective.

Healthy life needs healthy food, good habits, care and love. Healthy mind and body go hand in hand to get rid of diseases.

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